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PM Cranes


In-Stock Equipment

6- Ton Crane Model PM6023

6- Ton Crane Model PM6023 (new never been mounted, never sat outside)

Maximum lifting moment 34,680 ft/lbs (4.8tm)

Knuckle-Boom Crane with Double Links

Booms with 15 degree Negative Angle

Welded Base Type with Off-Center Column

Rotek Bearing with Double Hydraulic Gear Motor Rotation Type

Slewing System Rotation  390 Degrees 

(no hydraulic oil tank), tank per installation

Pilot operated check valves on all cylinders

Revolving hook 

Anchorage Bolts Kit



Danfoss Proportional 5 element valve block 12v-24v

Scanreco Radio remote system advance 6 functions, 12v-24v, transmitter with LCD display

Electronic overload device, POWER TRONIC

Load moment indicator + leveling indicator

Hour meter

High Pressure filter

Hydraulic oil cooler 12v-24v

Hydraulic extra-large outrigger booms 

Outrigger legs fully hydraulic flip-up 180 degrees

INCLUDES aux outrigger beams and legs 5.0SI 14T, hydraulic extension 

PM 6023

Max Capacity at Max. Reach: lbs 610 @ 35'5"

     5,900 lbs @ 5'9"

     3,020 lbs @ 11'6"

     2,020 lbs @ 16'9"

     1,420 lbs @ 21'8"

     1,040 lbs @ 26'11"

        790 lbs @ 31'

Weight: 1,855lbs